From the memories of KMTI and KCA - past and present

Zoltan Kodaly at Stanford 1966

When it all started: Mrs. Zoltán Kodály, Elizabeth Szonyi, Zoltán Kodály, Mary Helen Richards at Stanford University, CA summer seminar, 1966. Photo was taken by Denise Bacon.

Denise Bacon at Dana School 1968

Denise Bacon teaching three year olds at Dana School of Music in 1968, upon return from her sabbatical year of study in Hungary (1967-68), before KMTI was founded.

Denise Bacon at Dana School 1967

Denise Bacon's Pilot Class warming up for concert at Dana School of Music 1967. They studied Orff on Thursday's, 4 - 5 p.m., and Mary Helen Richard's type Kodály on Thursday's 4 - 4:45 p.m.

Denise Bacon at Old Agassiz School, Dorchester 1970

Denise Bacon teaching first graders at the Old Agassiz School, Dorchester in 1970.

D.B.'s pilot class at Dana School

Prof. Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Szonyi, chairperson of Music Education Liszt Academy, Budapest, teaching Denise Bacon's pilot class at the 1969 Dana School of Music Workshop, Wellesley, MA.

Pilot Class 1969

Pilot Class 1969. Visiting the class, top row are Peter Erdei, Betsy Moll, Marta Nemesszeghy, Mrs. Kodály.

Taft School in Brighton, MA

1970 - Taft School in Brighton, MA. Klara Kokas, upper left.

Pilot Class Xmas 1971

Pilot Class song for Trustee Edward Bowles, Christmas 1971.

First KMTI Summer Course Summer Course - circle

Hungarian Faculty with Denise Bacon at the first KMTI Summer Course at the University of Bridgeport, CT in 1971.

Hungarian Faculty learning Little Sally Water with Denise Bacon, Bridgeport 1971.

Sarolta Kodaly class at Bradford Peter Erdei at class

Teacher Klara Kokas and Sarolta Kodály playing the game Oh Greenfields Roxie with Bradford School Kindergarten children, Boston 1971.

Peter Erdei at High Rock School in Needham, MA, with the 2nd grade in March 1972.

Peter Erdei at class Eva Vendrei 1972

Peter Erdei at High Rock School in Needham, MA, 2nd grade in March 1972.

Eva Vendrei took over Peter Erdei's model classes at High Rock School in September 1972.
Sadly, Eva Vendrei passed away in 2004.

Keith Knighton at Agassiz School in 1972 Keith Knighton at Agassiz School in 1995

Keith Knighton, member of KMTI's first graduating class, later a KMTI faculty member, here shown teaching at the old Agassiz School in Boston, 1972.

Keith Knighton 23 years later, teaching in the new Agassiz School, 1995.
Photo by Faith Knowles.

Denise Bacon and Peter Erdei Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute

Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary, in the 1970's.

Peter Erdei and Denise Bacon in front of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music building concert hall (Kecskemét, Hungary) in 1974, before the Institute was opened.

Peter Erdei 2002

Peter Erdei at KCA's Anniversary / Reunion held at Capital University, Columbus, OH, July 2002

Kecskemet archive room

Library of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute, mid 1970's, now part of the Kecskemét Archives.

Group from SC 1975

Hungarian / American faculty, 1975 KMTI summer course at Wellesley College, three of whom taught at the 2002 25th anniversary course.

Barbara Mather Denise Bacon and Rudolf Serkin

Barbara Mather Benner at O'Hearn School in Dorchester, MA in 1978.

KCA Sponsors Council member, Rudolf Serkin, and Denise Bacon at the Marlboro Music Festival, August 1979.

Janet Boutin's class 1979

Janet Boutin teaching kindergarten children at O'Hearn School, Boston 1979.
Photo by Margaret Knowles.

Bacon and Solti

KCA Sponsors Council member, Sir Georg Solti, and Denise Bacon during fund-raising dinner at "The Bakery" restaurant in Chicago in 1982.
Courtesy of Frederich Paul Studio, Oak Park, IL.

Chef at fund-raising dinner

Chef Louis Szathmary, KCA trustee, telling stories following fund-raising dinner he gave at his famous Chicago restaurant "The Bakery" in 1982. Also at table: Peter Erdei, Sarolta Kodály , pianist István Lantos, unidentified man.

Mrs. Kodaly & Istvan Lantos

Mrs. Kodály and István Lantos take a bow at the Kodály Centennial Celebration at Pickman Hall, Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA in 1982.
Courtesy of Paul Mazell, Jamaica Plain, MA

Reception at Kodaly Centennial 1982

Kodály Centennial 1982 - reception at "The Castle", Boston University, MA.
Left to right: Ken Scott of B.U., Mrs. Zoltán Kodály, Denise Bacon, Peter Erdei.

Courtesy of Paul Mazell, Jamaica Plain, MA

KCA summer cource in Kecskemet 1982 KCA summer course in Kecskemet 1989

KCA students at Kecskemét summer course 1982.
Photo by Peggy Kuipers.

Part of the KCA group that attended the 1989 summer course in Kecskemét.

D. Bacon at reunion 1987

Denny Bacon at her 50th reunion, Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA, 1987.
Photo by Louis Pettit.

D. Bacon & Mrs. Kodaly at retirement party 1995 Sarolta Kodaly at D.B. retirement 1995

Denise Bacon and Mrs. Sarolta Kodály at the retirement party for D. B. and introduction of the new director Faith Knowles, held at Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA 1995.
Photo by Laura Brownlee.

Sarolta Kodály, speaking at Denise Bacon's retirement party in 1995.
Photo by Laura Brownlee.

Denise Bacon 2000

Denise Bacon in 2004.

Portrait by Olan Mills

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