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Denise Bacon 1980

Denise Bacon 1920 - 2013

Last Updated: 15-March-2014

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Remembering Denise Bacon

It is with great sadness that faculty and staff members of the Kodály Institute learnt about the death of Denise Bacon, founder and director of the Kodály Musical Training Institute and the Kodály Center of America. Denise Bacon was a pioneer figure, who played a significant role in making Kodály’s music educational principles widely known and adapted into practice throughout the United States. She will be sadly missed by her colleagues all over the world. The Kodály Institute pays tribute to the remarkable lifelong achievements of Denise Bacon. She passed away on 11-Nov-2013.

Memorial Service will be served at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 79 Denton Road, Wellesley, MA on Sat. May 10, 2014 at 2 PM.

What is the purpose of this website?

  • To make people aware of the history of KMTI & KCA
  • KCA's 25th anniversary reunion and summer course
  • To let people know where KCA publications are now available
  • To report on progress of our archival work

The topics record Denise Bacon's attempt to make an American adaptation of Kodály music education philosophy and techniques as they changed and developed, following the 1956 Hungarian revolution.

The distinction between this and pre-existing Kodály adaptations in the U.S. is frequently blurred, and Denise Bacon is often credited with being the first to bring Kodály's concept to the U.S. This is only partially true. What can be said of her work is that most (not all) of the current Kodály programs nationwide stem from the establishment of KMTI and KCA.

Under her direction, these two institutions existed as independent entities and established a standard of musicianship training that is almost impossible to maintain or replicate in today's society. Neither institution was financially able to avail itself of the advantages of modern technology, especially the internet and websites.

Both appeared to have dropped off the face of the earth in the 1990s. While KMTI lives on as the Kodály Institute at Capital University, KCA continued independently as a resource center, offering only short early childhood and advanced refresher courses.

This website is designed to bring graduates up-to-date, inform the general public where KCA publications can be found, report progress to date on the archives, and report on historical facts that may be of significance to researchers and to graduate or doctorate students.